The VolksBot project has three main goals:
  1. Rapid Prototyping of cost-efficient robots by using standard robotic components.
  2. Developing robot-kits for industrial applications as well as for research and development purposes:
    • Providing Standard-Components and kits.
    • Providing client specific solutions.
  3. VolksBot is used as basic platform for IAIS robotic projects.
VolksBot related research and development publications can be found in VolksBot R&D

The VolksBot project addresses two groups of clients:

  1. Industrial clients working in the area of "Realizing Prototypes". These clients may not be involved in robotic solutions so far, but they have decided to use mobile robots for some dedicated application. For this group we provide:
    • Reliable robust robot-kits.
    • Reduction of costs by using Physical Rapid Prototyping.
    • Existing robot-kits can easily be extended and adapted by using standard components.
    • Quick and reliable service.
  2. The second group is robotic oriented research and development. This may be R&D groups at universities as well as industrial R&D. For this group we provide:
    • Cost efficient realization of robot prototypes.
    • Adaption and reconfiguration of robot-kits caused by changing demands during the R&D process.
    • Support of different software environments.
    • Documentation and manuals for all robot-kits.
    • Robots are easy-to-use, good learning progress
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