The VolksBot®

VolksBot® is a flexible and modular mobile robot construction kit. The idea behind the VolksBot-System is the physical Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Service Robots. This means that the VolksBot System provides a wide variety of sensors, actuators and software modules which are fully compatible to each other. This allows the cost- and resource-efficient development of mobile service robots. All robots of the VolksBot-System are based on the same components and interfaces which make it easy to adapt existing robots to changing requirements. If you start to invest into one VolksBot robot you can add components over time which fit always your actual needs in the future. This guarantees a high security of the investment since once purchased components and obtained experiences can be used for a wide variety of applications.

The VolksBot® concept was successfully applied in national and international R&D projects. The construction kid is the result of the long time experience of Fraunhofer IAIS and the answer of the problems and difficulties with the construction of autonomous mobile robots hardware and software. Based on the kit we also developed customized solutions.

The robot construction kit is continuously enhanced with new and special components based on our experience in current national and international R&D projects at Fraunhofer IAIS.

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