VolksBot Rescue

Robots in rough terrain (i.e. rescue environments) need appripriate drives. VolksBot Rescue has a chain based drive with 2 flippers which can be independently controlled to drive in rough terrain.

Our solution based on VolksBot-kits consists of:
  • Six adapted UDUs (Universal Drive Units)
  • 4 chains of synthetic material
  • Dimensions without flippers: 450 x 600 x 260 mm (l x w x h)
  • Dimensions including flippers: 700 x 600 x 420 mm (l x w x h)
  • Weight: about 25kg
  • Driving-unit: 2 Maxon DC motors 150 W and 2 Maxon EPOS 70/10 motor controller
  • Flipper-drive: 2 Maxon DC motors 90 W and 2 Maxon EPOS 24/5 motor controller
  • Power-Supply: Two lead gel accumulators, 12 Volts, 15Ah
  • VolksBot Power Unit (SPU) with additional power supply 24V/20A, 12V/5A, 5V/5A
  • Software Control by C++ libraries for Windows and LinuX

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