Important for rapid prototyping is the flexibility in hardware and software. VolksBot hardware is designed to support operating systems like Windows and Linux. Libraries are avialiable for different OS and software environments e.g. the free Robot Operation System ROS .

In general, Volksbot models have Maxon driving units including Maxon motor- and positioning controllers (see picture on the right). These controllers have RS232 and USB- interfaces to connect to any controlling device of the robot (e.g. a Laptop). Maxon provides up-to-date software libraries for different software environments on its home-page Maxon (see download-area of each controller model). A complete documentation of maxon driving units is available on this page as well as a graphical programming interface for initializing and parameterizing maxon drives (see "EPOS Studio").

Finally a startup example-software-implementation for Linux/ROS is provided with each VolksBot model.

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