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The Kurt Robot Platform

Kurt3D (Fig. [*]) is a mobile robot platform with a size of 45 cm (length) $ \times$ 33 cm (width) $ \times$ 26 cm (height) and a weight of 15.6 kg, both indoor as well as outdoor models exist. Equipped with the 3D laser range finder, the height increases to 47 cm and the weight increases to 22.6 kg.[*]Kurt3D's maximum velocity is 5.2 m/s (autonomously controlled: 4.0 m/s). Two 90W motors are used to power the 6 wheels. Compared to the original Kurt3D robot platform, this current version has larger wheels, where the middle wheels are shifted outwards. Front and real wheels have no tread pattern to enhance rotating. Kurt3D operates for about 4 hours with one battery (28 NiMH cells, capacity: 4500 mAh) charge. The core of the robot is an Intel-Centrino-1400 MHz with 768 MB RAM and a Linux operating system. An embedded 16-Bit CMOS microcontroller is used to control the motor.

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