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The 3D Laser Scanner

The 3D laser range finder (Fig. [*]) is built on the basis of a 2D range finder by extension with a mount and a standard servo motor [23]. The 2D laser range finder is attached to the mount in the center of rotation for achieving a controlled pitch motion. The servo is connected on the left side (Fig. [*]). The 3D laser scanner operates up to 5h (Scanner: 17 W, 20 NiMH cells with a capacity of 4500 mAh, Servo: 0.85 W, 4.5 V with batteries of 4500 mAh) on one battery pack.

Figure: The autonomous mobile robot Kurt3D equipped with the 3D laser range finder as presented at RoboCup 2004. The scanners technical basis is a SICK 2D laser range finder (LMS-200).
\includegraphics[width=42.75mm]{offRoadKurt3D} \includegraphics[width=43.75mm]{kurt3D_1}

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