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Point reduction

To gain an additional speedup, we have proposed a point reduction. During scanning surfaces close to the scanner are sampled with more data points. These areas are subsampled using a median and reduction filter. Fig. [*] shows the result, details of the algorithm can be found in [20].

Figure: Left: Two views of a 3D scene. Right: Subsampled version (points have be enlarged). Two different views are presented (bottom view from top).
\includegraphics[width=43mm,height=43mm]{dat_ground_truth_OpenGL_02} \includegraphics[width=43mm,height=43mm]{dat_ground_truth_OpenGL_01} \includegraphics[width=43mm,height=43mm]{top_dat_ground_truth_OpenGL_02} \includegraphics[width=43mm,height=43mm]{top_dat_ground_truth_OpenGL_01}

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